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Chapters in TNHSD are ways that we can expand and hear the voices of all members. In TNHSD we have two types of chapters, Community and High School chapters. 

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To become a member of TNHSD, you must first be a member of our parent organization High School Democrats of America. By becoming a member you have access to all of our opportunities (events, internships, voting in internal elections, newsletters, etc)

Join a Caucus

he HSDA Caucus system is intended to give underrepresented communities an amplified voice in HSDA. Caucuses meet once every two weeks, and programming is determined by the caucus Chair, in conjunction with the membership of each caucus. Caucuses have blank checks to pursue whatever programming they want- from hosting discussions to taking action on behalf of a candidate, the caucus members can decide what type of programming they want to undertake. We ask that you do not join a caucus of a community that you do not identify with. By filling out this form, you are expressing interest in joining a caucus, and you are not committing to any sort of action on behalf of HSDA or the caucus.
The Caucuses you can join are:
  • Black Caucus
  • Women’s Caucus
  • LGBTQ+ Caucus
  • Latinx Caucus
  • Jewish Caucus
  • Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus
  • Rural Caucus
  • Muslim Caucus
  • Disabilities and Neurodivergent Peoples Caucus
  • Indigenous Peoples Caucus
  • First Generation Caucus
  • Red-State Caucus

Intern on a Campaign

LOCAL- As we all know, local politics and local elections are the at-most priority. Winning or losing a local campaign can be the difference between funding for schools, or extra funding for the police department. That is why it is key that we mobilize our youth around local campaigns. These campaigns include Mayor, County Commissioner, the School Board, etc. To find any local campaigns we implore you to reach out to your Local Democratic Party E-Board, or your regional chapter director.
STATE- It is essential that we as high school democrats solidify our presence is state-wide politics. In 2 years we will on the forefront of the Gubernatorial election in which it is key that to move forward as democrats in Tennessee, we must "FLIP THE STATE". Electing a democrat will be the only way the voices of the democratic youth will be heard.
NATIONAL- It's 2020, we are in the front lines of a never before seen election. We will need all of our members in every county and city of the state to campaign by phone banking, and canvassing for the democratic nominee. We also have so many congressional elections. The US House of Representatives and Lamar Alexander's Senate seat are up for grabs this year. Contact your local democratic party for more information about elections.

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