our mission
The mission of the Tennessee High School Democrats is to advocate for those who are silenced, push for the rights of marginalized communities, and make advocacy and political involvement accessible to and inclusive of people of all races, genders, sexualities, and backgrounds.

who we are

Tennessee High School Democrats (TNHSD) is the TN chapter of the High School Democrats of America, the largest Democratic high school organization in the country. Our members engage in political and advocacy work at the local and state level to advance the ideals of the Democratic party.
our work
As the 2020 elections approach, we're working to organize around and elect Democratic candidates all over the state. Along with TNHSD chapters across Tennessee, we provide a platform for the next generation of TN Democrats to mobilize and #moveTNforward.

from the 20-21 executive board

"Under our new leadership, TNHSD is going to break boundaries and barriers through our Inclusion, Diversity, and Development plans."

Jeremiah Ian Welch
Chief of Staff
"I am very happy and so passionate about being able to lead this organization to new heights. As the 2020-21 chairman, I will help this organization grow even futher."

Jeffrie Chambers

"TNHSD is now diverse and inclusive. This organization has grown so much and will continue to grow under Jeffrie and I's administration."

Manushree Navaneethakrishnan
Vice Chairwoman


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